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Answers to some common questions...

We just moved into Admiral Heights.  How can we join the pool?

​​Please contact the membership coordinator.  The Swim Club is limited in the number of memberships available to purchase or rent each season.  It is not uncommon to have to wait a year or two before a membership becomes available.

We don't live in Admiral Heights.  Can we still join?

Yes.  However, the pool by-laws limit the percentage of bond owners who do not live in Admiral Heights to 30%.  So, your wait to purchase a bond may be longer.  You may rent a membership if a bond is not available to purchase.  Please contact the membership coordinator.


​​How much does it cost to purchase a bond?  To rent a bond?

The current cost of a bond is $500.  Annual dues (for the current season) are $475.  So, the first year, the costs total $975.  To rent a bond, the cost for 2014 is $675.  Bond owners and renters receive a 10-guest punch card as well.


Is there a waiting list?  If we've rented in the past, do we get priority on the waitlist?  How will we be notified if a bond become available for sale or rent?

​​A waiting list for the 2016 season will begin in January for anyone who would like to purchase or rent a bond.  We do not know how many bonds will be available for sale or rent until current bond owners notify us of whether they are interested in selling or renting their bond for the upcoming season.

Unfortunately, renting in the past does not entitle you to priority on the wait list.

You will be notified by email should a membership become available.  Please respond as soon as possible; if you are no longer interested in a membership, please let us know so we can offer that space to the next person on the list.

This website will be the best source for information on membership for the upcoming season.

We'd like to join the swim team.  What do we need to do?

Please contact the current swim team coordinator,

or visit the website at


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